As with anything else people buy that has the potential to become the next big thing or idea, it is important to be the first in the door (so to speak, in your case the first to a website) to buy it first. Just imagine if you were the first person to buy stock in Amazon, Facebook, Google or Microsoft. Where would you be now? What would you be doing? The same thing applies to bikinis in our opinion. Now, before you think that wearing one of our great bikinis, trendy sunglasses or one of our cover ups will make you a millionaire, it will not. But, isn’t there something satisfying about being the first on your block, in your neighborhood or workplace about being the first person to buy something and then a month later everyone wants what you already have?  We think it’s important to be an early adaptor life and apply this same way of thinking to the products we offer.  One thing is for certain, millions of women will be wearing bikinis all Summer. Also, the bikini that someone buys this summer is sure to be a trend setting style and we are confident that it will be a bikini we sell on our site. Our effort to make great products everyone wants in styles, colors and fits that look good on every body will make our products popular this summer.

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