Selling Bikinis- WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO...

In the women’s swimwear industry, as every bikini wearing goddess knows, skin is always in. now, the ongoing debate today is how much skin is too much skin. well, at the bikini shoppe, we solve the problem by offering both high-waisted, triangle, tank style and any bikini in between. our belief is that not all bikinis wearers are the same. whatever your taste is we have you covered (speaking over covered, we offer cover-ups too!). regardless of your comfort level, we strive to make every woman feel comfortable showing a little or a lot.

We are here to provide you with great deals on the bikinis you are after this year. the secret to looking good in the sun is wearing a bikini that you want to wear and at the same time look good wearing it. that’s why if offer as many bikinis women want as possible. we want everyone who slips into one of our bikini’s to know that once she has it on her only concern will be… did i bring a beach towel? and/or did i remember the sunscreen? (speaking of sun protection we also offer a wide variety of sunglasses) after you buy a bikini from the bikini shoppe and wear it for the first time, you will understand what i mean when i say no matter how thin you are, what your bodyshape isor how attractive you are, everyone looks good in our bikinis. be assured we strive to provide a fit and style for every body.  

At the bikini shop, providing something for everyone (as long as what you're looking for is a bikini) is what we do best. and it means a lot to us that you feel confident and comfortable in one of our products (no photoshop needed). If you’re looking for a bikini for the beach, a bikini for the pool a bikini to take on vacation the bikini shoppe has you covered. i should say semi-covered in this case. we are trying to sell you a  selling bikini after all.