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5 Bikini Trends Coming Up in 2023

1. Solid Colors & Textile Patterns - 2022 saw an explosion of textured fabrics entering the bikini scene, ranging from quilted tops to wide-stitched ribbing in bold solid colors. Whether bright, neutral, or pastel, you can expect to see more exploration of textile patterns in 2023.

(Frankies) Julianne Smitten
(Frankies) Tia in Violetta


2. Hand-Made and Macrame - With quarantine inspiring many to get into hand-made crafts and DIY, it makes sense that we would begin to it trickle into mainstream bikini lines! When shopping the crochet style, keep an eye out for lining so the stretching (and accidental peeks through the knit) are kept to a minimum. 
(Beach Bunny) Desert Star
(Billabong) Hippy Hooray


3. Sensual Swim - Clean lines, skimpier shapes, cutouts and lace are making the move from lingerie to swimwear. The balance is finding a quality suit that can keep all the necessaries covered - think skimpy, but classy! 
(Beach Bunny) Gunpowder and Lace

(Luli Fama) Corazon De Seda


4. Vintage Vibes - We’re seeing a resurgence of retro cuts and groovy prints, and we’re here for it! Pair psychedelic patterns with old-school accessories for a throw-back beach party!
( L-Space) Maribella One Piece
( L-Space) Ry Bikini 


5. Not just a Bikini top - Gone are the days of having to wear your bikini under your day clothes! 2023 will see bikini tops taking the role of statement pieces and incognito tees, so you can go to your meeting and hit the beach without any need to get changed!

(Frankies) Marlowe Shine 

(Frankies) Marlowe Shine 

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