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5 Fun Facts about the Bikini

Evidence of bikini-style clothing dates back as early as 5600BC, where Chalcothic art depicts a goddess wearing a bikini-like costume accompanied by two leopards. Ancient illustrations of Roman athletic tournaments depict women competing in bikini-like garments. 
The modern bikini was created by French automobile engineer Louis Reard, who got the idea when he saw women rolling their swimsuits to avoid tan lines. He named these new suits after the Bikini Atoll hydrogen bomb test in July 1946.
At the time, the bikini was too revealing for the standard model - Louis decided to hire Micheline Bernardi, a famous nude dancer, to introduce the bikini to the world, and other celebrities quickly followed suit. Material rationing during and after WW2 spurred the demand for bikinis as manufacturers looked tot reduce fabric usage. 
The bikini is now the most popular female beachwear, boosting spin-off services like bikini waxing, laser, and sun tanning. Despite its French origin, China is the leading producer of bikinis, covering 70% of the bikini market.
July 5th is celebrated at National Bikini Day, the anniversary of when Louis Reard made publicized the modern bikini! 
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