How to Take Insta-Worthy Beach Pictures

Want to know how to make your beach pictures pop? Make your pictures IG worthy with these easy steps. 

  1. Use your surroundings: Being able to use what’s around you is key in making a difference in your pictures. Making use of the sunshine or shadows can help spice up your pictures. This can add more depth and dimension to your pictures. Use the sunlight to highlight your tan skin and to create a model vibe. 

  2. Try a sitting down pose: Next you show off what you got! Sit down, lean back, and lay out those legs. If posing standing up isn’t your thing try a sitting down pose. By leaning back while sitting you’re able to make your legs look longer and make you look taller. A great thing about this pose is that it can be taken from a high or low angle. 

  3. Adjust your angles: Try shooting from a lower angle. By using different angles you’re able to stand out more. Also you get the clear sky as your background. By taking it from a lower angle, you stand out to be more powerful. Another fun thing about this pose is no one will be able to guess how tall you are!

  4. Show off your back: If you’re a little shy or want to try something different, we have a way for you to take cute pics! Pose facing away from the camera and flaunt your backside! It requires less effort because all you have to do is put your hands on your hips and look away and boom, cute and chic pic. 

  5. Classic kneel pose: Another sitting down pose you can use is to kneel by the seashore. Have your friends ready to take some candid pics when the waves come up to greet you. This pose is trendy and fierce, it is definitely an eye grabber. You can use the “bikini lift” pose where it looks like you're adjusting your bottoms.

  6. Take an outside shower: Outside showers pics are in right now. This is the “I didn’t try to take this pic” or the “effortless pic”. You don’t have to face the camera if you don’t want to, there are many different poses to use, but if you run out just pretend you’re taking a shower.

  7. Include your friends: Any pic with your friends is an IG worthy pic. Color coordinating with your besties will be eye catching and make your photo more aesthetically pleasing. Take a picture from above while lying down to give it that carefree feel. Consider linking hands and smiling at each other.
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