Proper Storage For Your Suit

Don’t you hate the feeling when your favorite suit becomes saggy and un wearable. These tips will help to prevent your suit from losing its spark. Being able to properly care for your bathing suit will allow it to last for years! 

  • Make sure to clean your suits before storage: This means to rinse out your suit to get all the chlorine, other pool chemicals, particles, debris, and saltwater. You can also use a product called Suit Solutions to get ride of all the things that wear out your bathing suit.

  • DO NOT put your bathing suits in the washing machine: I know that we are all guilty of this, but it is one of the worst things you could do to your suit! The machines agitation and laundry detergents are very damaging to the suit’s color and elasticity. 

  • Air dry your swimsuit: For the most suit-friendly dry possible, lay your suit out on a towel in a well ventilated area, be sure to turn them over periodically. Make sure to not dry the suits out in the sun and that they are totally dry before putting them away.

  • Avoid damaging your swimsuit: You can do this by not wringing out your suit, not putting them in direct sunlight, not draping them over anything and not hanging them. Try not to use your dryer because the heat and tumbling can be really damaging to your suit’s fiber and elasticity. 

  • Lay your swimsuit out flat and put them in fabric garment bags: Try to refrain from using a plastic bag because they allow moisture in and so your suits become subject to mildew growth, bad odor, and damaging to the material’s fibers. 

  • Vacuum-seal the fabrice garment: if you’re unable to vacuum-seal the bag then try to gently press out as much air as you can before sealing it, 
  • Bag storage: Be sure to store your bag in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Double check it is protected from getting smashed, crumpled, stacked on, wet, or otherwise messed with. 
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