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Black Sarong with Turquoise and Purple Hibiscus

Black Sarong with Turquoise and Purple Hibiscus

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The best sarongs from Bali. 
Sarongs (also known as Pareos) can be worn in a variety of ways. Wrap as a skirt, top, headpiece, scarf or shawl. They are not only the perfect beach wrap but they make a great tablecloth, wall hanging or curtain. Most of these beautiful designs are done by batik, applying wax to the fabric to resist the dye. The wax is then removed revealing the design.


  • All are made from fast drying, breathable rayon
  • Measure approximately 66″ x 46″, not including the fringe. 
  • They wash easily by hand or machine
  • Hang to dry & wash separately the first time or two.

We love these sarongs! You will too!

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